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We are an indpendent agency with over 10 years experience running Ads.


We Focus On What We're Good At

Search Ads

Search is still king....just! The mix of Ad types has and will continue to change a lot. We love serach Ads and the results thay can bring when run correctly.

Shopping Ads

Selling products, e-comm and running Shopify? Great! Online shopping has only just begun and revenue from shopping Ads will transform your brand,

Performance Max

The new Google favourite requires a strong asset base of data, images, video, targeting and audience insights. Get these aspects right and you'll be amazed how well they work.

Looking for Transparency?

We hear you.

The technical nature of runing Ads can be confusing and lead you to question:

"What's actually going on with my account?"

Invariably you'll question what is your Ad manager actually doing and rightly so.

Here at Smash It Marketing we actually make sure you know what's happening in detail and that means fully discussing your objectives and the required focus.

Only when we know that can we approach managing your account correctly.

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